Eastern Red Bud - Cercis canadensis

Eastern Red Bud - Cercis canadensis

Guardians of the Now

Tree. Supposedly a noun, but why? A tree is never still, pure movement on multiple levels. So what is a tree really? Well... science would tell us it’s a perennial woody plant with an elongated stem, trunk and supporting branches. Sure, that’s a good definition, but what 'is' it? Spend some time with a tree and think about what it really is, what is the nature of its reality, why does it exist, what holds it together, and what is its purpose?

"You will find something more in woods than in books. Trees Even rocks hold messages from nature and stones will teach you that which you can never learn from masters."

I have come to see trees as 'Guardians of the Now,' for without them there would be no 'now' to experience. There is a thought provoking article called "No Trees... No Humans." And as the title explains, without trees we don't exist (this could also be extended to water, plants, bacteria - a web of dependencies...).

"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better."

There is an inspiring story by Jean Giono called "L'homme qui plantait des arbres" which translates to "The Man Who Planted Trees." Grab the book and read it, or watch the the animated short by Frédéric Back based upon this book, and... if you feel inspired, go plant some trees.

"Literacy in nature's script dispels the stereotype of nature as disorganized, unintelligible, and hostile."


My knowledge of trees is growing, though it used to be much worse. Thankfully my neighbor is a genius with plants and trees. He pointed out to me that I had several 'Red Buds' seedlings growing on our property. Oh, the joys of discovering something lost.

The Red Bud is a small tree in the pea family that was reportedly widely used by the Native Americans. Its flowers, buds, early leaves and young seedpods are all said to be edible and quite nutritious.


We are just starting to learn about this wonderful tree. Below are two recipes we found for Red Bud Jelly.

Red Bud Jelly